Nut #2 needed a new Sunday dress-the one I made at Easter time was too short and the lace was ripping. (I never took nice pictures of it) But with craziness going on I just keep putting off sewing a new dress since it wasn’t essential.
And then two things happened to push it to the front of my list.
We had a cold snap and she needed a warmer dress.
She got sidewalk chalk on her dress and it was the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart so the chalk wouldn’t wash out.
Really, it was the sidewalk chalk that got me moving…
The dress turned out slightly different than my original idea, but that’s because I had to alter it for the fabric.  Nut #2 picked out the blue fabric instead of pink!  I’m so use to her being obsessed with pink-it seems her tastes are changing as she grows up.  *sniff*

Gotta love the poses she comes up with…:)

So, details of the dress…I used what is becoming a go-to t-shirt pattern for the top (I’m working on a review of the pattern I used).  I shortened the t-shirt to an empire waist and curved the bottom of the shirt upwards to compensate for the weight of the blue fabric.  The blue fabric is a double knit and significantly heavier-especially because of the length of the dress.  (Anyone else have a daughter who thinks elegant=long?)  And instead of gathering the skirt I decided to make large pleats.  The skirt is just a rectangle sewed together at the short ends, and then pleated to fit the shirt top.  The black sash it to help cinch the dress a bit and help hold the weight of the skirt.
Nut#2 is happy with the dress and feels warm in it.  Getting her to willingly wear something is huge because she is soooo picky! We are both happy with the length because having a long skirt also helps her keep her skirt down at church!  Sometimes when I see her in this dress I feel like she should be going to a choir concert…she’s growing up!