Who Made It Best Results-Ladies Caroline Dress

by | Apr 7, 2018 | Clothing, Women | 0 comments

Did you vote for your favorite Ladies Caroline Dress in the Who Made it Best Challenge?  If you missed it you can still check out the posts with pictures and details on both Mahlica Designs and here at Hazelnut Handmade.

But I’m happy to say the results are in!  And I’m super excited to announce the winner is…

Hazelnut Handmade!!

Hazelnut Handmade Ladies Caroline Dress

Wow!! So many of you chimed in and voted for your favorites.  And I’m floored that the majority of you guys voted for my look!!  As in around 92% !!  This was a friendly competition with no prize beyond knowing you guys liked my look, but it sure does feel good.  Especially with such a great competitor like Melissa!


So thank you ever so much for playing along with us and making this so much fun!