Who Made it Best-Ladies Caroline Dress Edition

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Today I’m so excited to participate in a friendly little challenge with Melissa from Mahlica Designs!  It’s called “Who Made it Best” and you, my friends, get to be the judges!  I’m so excited!  What a fun way to push myself to make something just a little bit more than my usual-and knock another one of my #makenine2018 off my list.  The rules for this competition are short and simple.  Melissa and I agree on a pattern to start with, sew up our own version without letting each other know our plans, then share it and let you vote on who made it best!  We both started with the Ladies Caroline Dress from MouseHouse Creations.  You can check out more pictures and details on Melissa’s version here and vote for your favorite version at the end of either post.  So don’t miss it!  I’m a bit excited and nervous at the same time!

**Update** Check out the voting results Here!

Ladies Caroline Dress Who Made It Best with Hazelnut Handmade and Mahlica Designs

With Easter right around the corner, I decided to make myself a Ladies Caroline Easter Dress.  I bought this gorgeous Alison Glass Silhouette Lawn knowing I wanted to make a ‘fit and flare’ kind of dress with the dark gray around the waist.  This fabric is light and airy and ‘hopefully’ perfect for the hot and humid summer I know is heading my way.  *fingers crossed*

But it is also slightly transparent and wrinkles easily.  Give and take, right?  Unfortunately, I don’t iron much.  And I quite possibly put more wrinkles in the dress as I tried to get the wrinkles out.  *sigh*

Hazelnut Handmade Ladies Caroline Dress

Before I cut into this gorgeous fabric, I made a couple muslins to get the fit in the shoulders and bust right.  I ended up adding 1/2 in. width to each shoulder and making a 3/4 inch small bust adjustment.  This is the first time I’ve done a SBA in woven fabric and the first time I’ve done one with princess seams.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  And my girls tell me I look beautiful in it.  That always makes me feel good…

Hazelnut Handmade Ladies Caroline Dress

Oh but that zipper gave me fits.  First off, I had a hard time deciding what color to use since the dress is two contrasting colors.  Eventually I went for white, partially because I wasn’t happy with the gray options I found.  And then I tried too hard for perfection when inserting it and probably spent an hour fiddling with it.  But that waistline is lined up now.  Prah. Miss.

Hazelnut Handmade Ladies Caroline Dress

I’ve got a favorite way to keep my zipper in place while sewing (which maybe I should share soon since I haven’t seen anyone else doing it like this) but I hope I’m not the only one who has troubles getting invisible zippers to zip smoothly once a lining is added! And its not entirely invisible where it needs to go over the fabric bulk at the waistline.  But if I get any closer to the zipper teeth the zipper really doesn’t close well…

Hazelnut Handmade Ladies Caroline Dress

Of course I included pockets in my Ladies Caroline Dress.  We all need pockets.

Now it's time for you to vote! Go visit mahlicadesigns for more pictures and details on her version, then place your vote for Who Made It Best. The poll will be on both sites, so you can see both versions before you choose your favorite. Voting will be open for one week!


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