Somehow, Mr. Jiggs grew since I married him.  About two years ago, he suddenly said all his long sleeve shirts are too short in the sleeves.  What?  After a while I quit trying to figure it out and bought him a few new ones with longer sleeves.  Then I cut a few of the sleeves off the old ones and made the shirts into short sleeve shirts.  (and I have a huge stack of other shirts I have permission to use for whatever I want.)
But waste not want not, right?  I didn’t throw away the parts of the sleeves I cut off.  I made them into a lingerie bag.  You know, the ones you can buy out of lace with a zipper in it to put things you don’t want to get ruined in the wash?
 I simply cut the cuffs off the sleeves and sewed them into a tube.  The opening is the buttons on the arm sleeves and that’s how i stuff things in it.  It works and I’m happy i didn’t have to buy one of those things.