I saw this tutorial and decided to run with that idea for a present for Pigg#1’s best friend.  Pigg#1 is jealous of course.

 He especially likes the fringe on the bottom.  Pigg#2 also likes to try it on.  I guess it’s a good dressup.
I also saw squirt guns and Wal-mart and thought they would go well with a western vest.  And that turned into making gun holsters to hold his squirt guns, for those really intense water wars that are sure to come up this year.
And belt to hold the guns at his waist.
 This was the really exciting thing for Pigg#1.  He even tried to sneak into the bathroom and fill them up with watch after I told him where the water goes in.  That’s sneaky for the sweet little pigg.
Even I’m excited for these!