I never had one of these things growing up even though I lived in the same house from the time I turned one until I got married.  My parents still live there.  Despite the stability of our home location, we did not keep track of how much we grew each year.
But Mr. Jigg’s family did.  And the marks are still there.  Mr. Jiggs once tried to start the tradition on our living room wall.  I wasn’t crazy about the it especially since half an hour later, I had this on the wall.
Pigg#1 called them ‘w’s.  
But I still kind of liked the idea…if I could take the marks with me as we move to new houses.  (Mr. Jiggs is still in school.)  I just could not figure out what I wanted to do until I saw this idea…and it clicked.
So I made my version and finally got it hung.  Pigg #1 likes to stand next to it and look in the mirror to see if he has grown at all.
I followed that tutorial, except I didn’t quilt it.  There is only one layer of fabric…no batting and no backing.  And I added marks for measuring so I can say how many inches tall they are.
I used the same fabric as all of Pigg#3’s baby blanket, quilt, sling, robots…all those other things.  So I guess this is officially the end of my Progressive Preggo Party…except I’m going to put all the kids on the same chart.