I LOVE when the random impulse remnant buys I make actually come together with what I already have to make something really cute.
I’ve had this jersey knit for at least a year and finally got around to making it into a Warhol Dress from MADE to go with some pants I bought probably before Pigg#2 was born.  I never needed them and never used them.  The color match is great! The neckline is made from the shirt I cut up to make my Maternity Tunic.
 I really like this kind of neckline.  I have enough fabric to squeeze out another one for Pigg#2 since this one is a baby gift and too small for Pigg#2.  Except I think I’ll make it for next summer because Pigg#2 already has plenty of clothing.  Mr. Jiggs sometimes feels jealous for Pigg#1.  Honestly though, I got most of them as hand-me-downs and have hardly made anything for her this summer.
But isn’t this outfit so cute?  Pair it with a long-sleeve onesie and the pants during early spring when it is cold and ditch the pants when it warms up.  And it can go from being a dress to a shirt!  I love sewing for little girls!