By the time I actually finished the leggings for this outfit, it was 10:30 Valentine morning.  I’m sure my neighbors who talked with me (while still in my pajamas) as I took pictures for grandparents thought I was crazy.
But my little Piggs are adroable and Mr. Jiggs likes the dress!  Score.
 I love Pigg#2’s pigtails and simply tied scraps of the legging material in bows.
The dress use to be a sweater of mine in high school.  It’s pink and fuzzy and stretchey and comfy.  So stretchy that Pigg#2 likes to pull one of her arms up through the neck and wear it with one shoulder bare.  But it stretches the neck and I’m not okay with that.
 I made the dress and leggings a bit big hoping they will still fit next year.  The weather keeps wanting to warm up where we live and I don’t think it will stay cold for more than a month or so more.
We’re enjoying the beautiful weather and being outside.