Updated Dill Pickles Tee Review

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Back in August I reviewed the Dill Pickles Tee as part of the Pickle Toes Pattern Back to School Blog Tour.  You can read that review here.  Now that the Dill Pickles Tee is updated, I’m reviewing the pattern again!  The updated Dill Pickles Tee has some different features than the original, but I’ll try to review it in the same format as my original review.

Updated Dill Pickles Tee

This time I only sewed one version for Nut#1 because the relaxed versions I made last time had the most problems.  And I decided to make a short sleeve version so I could upcycle a shirt from my son’s favorite college (and my Alma Mater!)

Flat Pattern

I printed out all the sizes.  The updated Dill Pickles Tee has separate pieces for the front and back shirt pieces with different armcye shapes for the front and back.  The slim fit is not included in the updated Dill Pickles Tee and the necklines are trued at the center fold.

Across the sizes, the shoulder angles, armscye shapes, and side seams all look consistent and even.  Although I did not make a hood option, the hood seems much more likely to work out because the slim version is not in the update.

Updated Dill Pickles TeeThe pattern does not have grainlines but does have lines indicating the direction of stretch and has notches on the sleeve cap and armcye.  The notches are not the most professional looking notches because they are different sizes.  I originally missed the ones on the front armscye because they are little and only went back when I noticed notches on the sleeve cap.

Like the original, the updated Dill Pickles Tee is put together with trim pages, has angled sleeve hems, and a very wide sleeve cap that is longer than the armscye.  However, the updated Dill Pickles Tee now also has two different sleeve angles for long and short sleeve (short sleeve is slightly slimmer) and the sleeve cap is now asymmetrical. And, the notch at the top of the sleeve cap is not exactly in the middle of the cap.  The notches for the front armcye and sleeve cap help you orient the sleeve into the correct armcye, but the notches do not match up well.  To match the notches I need to ease in some of the sleeve cap way down at the hook for under your arm.  I generally do not start easing in sleeve caps until 3-4 inches past the underarm seam.


Updated Dill Pickles TeeSize designations have changed in the updated Dill Pickles Tee.  Besides renaming the sizes, the size chart also includes chest, waist, hip, and height measurements to help you select the correct size.  Previously my son’s measurements put him in size 10/12 but in the updated sizing he is a size 14 chest, Size 20 waist and size 18 hips and size 14 height. The finished garment measurement chart includes chest, shoulder to wrist, and shoulder to hem measurements.  Because the finished measurements indicated 3.5 inches of ease in the chest, I chose to make a straight size 14 instead of grading to the different sizes.  I thought that would be plenty of ease through the trunk of the shirt and would sit at his hips comfortably.

The only issue I had with the regular fit of the original Dill Pickles Tee was the neckline.  It was too wide and too low for my son.  The updated Dill Pickles Tee corrects that problem.  My son is much more comfortable with the neckline.

He and I are both happy with the fit of this shirt.  It fits similarly to RTW shirts he likes to wear.  Had I graded to a size 18 for his hips we would have had an extra 3 inches making it even more relaxed.


Like in my last review, I measured my neckline, calculated 80%, and used that measurement for the neckband length.  I kept the neckband width the same.


The updated Dill Pickles Tee is a nice classic, relaxed fit t-shirt.  It has options for a hood, kangaroo pocket, 2 sleeve lengths, sleeve bands, a hem band, and a tunic length.  I made a simple short sleeve version with regular hems so I could upcycle this shirt for my son.

Updated Dill Pickles TeeThe pattern pieces indicate two hem lengths but they are not labeled as regular length, tunic length, regular length with bands, or tunic length with bands.  Its unclear if the shorter length is for the regular length shirt and where you should cut if you want a regular length shirt with a band.  I ended up cutting the shirt to the longer length and doing a regular hem so that I could cut it shorter if it turned out I made a tunic length.  He likes the length so we’re good, but I am curious what is the tunic length…?

Cut lines for sleeve cuffs and short sleeve bands are indicated and are pretty clear what they are for.


The updated Dill Pickles Tee produced a shirt my son is comfortable in and excited to wear!  I love how the pattern is assembled, but do not love the order of the charts and instructions.

I wish the options were more clearly outlined and labeled. The tunic length and bands are not listed as an option on the cover page and not all the options listed on the website description are represented on the line drawings.  And the line drawings are tucked in the middle of the pattern instructions.  Maybe that’s a nice surprise (hello thumb cuff instructions!) but feels weird to me.  Both of those complaints are pretty minor because I tend not to look at instructions much anyways.  Just need my measurement charts…

Overall, the updated  Dill Pickles Tee is much improved over the original version and I will probably use this pattern to make more shirts for my son until he outgrows the pattern.  Thanks Kellie for working to improve the quality of this pattern!

Updated Dill Pickles Tee


  • Pattern: updated Dill Pickles Tee
  • Designer: PickleToes Patterns
  • Style: Relaxed fit unisex tee shirt with hood and Kangaroo Pocket options
  • Fabric: Knit
  • Size Range: 2-22 (kids)
  • Size made: 14
  • Lengths: 2 Shirt and Tunic Lengths
  • Sleeve lengths: 2 Short and Long
  • Sleeves cut on Fold: No
  • Alterations/Hacks: I calculated my neckband length myself
  • Clear Instructions: Instructions include pictures.  The order of the instructions is not intuitive to me.  And I felt like the options could have been more clearly advertised and then labeled on the pieces.
  • Seam Allowance: 3/8″
  • Layers: yes
  • Trimless: No- but I prefer trimming the pages because it it easier to line up the pattern correctly
  • Dislikes or desired changes? I’d like some clarification on where to cut for the different options
  • Sew again?  Yes.
  • Would you recommend it to others? Yes.