Upcycle An Old Hoodie Into a New Hoodie

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During my senior year of high school I visited Brigham Young University’s Provo campus for a ‘campus tour’ of sorts.  I was unprepared for the colder temperatures in Utah and ended up buying a hoodie during the trip.  Over the years, that well loved hoodie has been worn and stretched out.  During the testing for the TAMI Revolution Hoodie, I upcycled that hoodie, added some new sweatshirt fleece, and gave my BYU Hoodie new life.  Now I’m ready to cheer on my Alma Mater!BYU Side Hood


BYU Side HoodNew Materials

I bought new sweatshirt fleece to cut the raglan sleeves.  Unfortunately, the fleece has absolutely no stretch and the pattern calls for at least 25% stretch in the fabrics.  But it was the PERFECT shade of blue to match the lettering on my hoodie! So I bought it anyways.  I suggest you try your hardest to get fleece with some stretch-your hoodie will be that much more comfy!

The zipper is a 5″ jean zipper I had already (intending to make some pants).  The pattern calls for a 7″ zipper, but this 5 ” one fit perfectly in the opening the pattern creates.BYU Side Hood

Inside the hood is some awesome grey striped fabric leftover from making my Telluride Top 18 months ago.  I had just enough left to line the hood and give my new BYU Hoodie a pop of fun.

Repurposed Materials

The front and back bodice, kangaroo pocket, cuffs, bottom band, and hoodie string all came from the original hoodie.  The cuffs were in the worst shape and needed to be cut smaller than the pattern called for because the fabric has lost some of its elasticity.

BYU Side HoodAlterations

Like my tester version, I lined the hood.  I cut out a second hood out of my lining fabric, trimming 1 inch off the front edge. Then I serged the outer hood and hood lining along the front edge, right sides together. I then folded the navy hood over 1 inch and edge stitched right along the lining fabric.

Because the navy sweatshirt fleece has no stretch, I knew my new BYU Hoodie needed some help fitting over my head.  I decided to make the zipper accent in the TAMI Revolution Hoodie a working zipper that would open up the neckline and help me get in and out of the new hoodie.BYU Side Hood  To make the  zipper functional, I needed to use the side hood.  In the pattern, this is the outer hood of the double hood.  I just used that outer, side hood because the ends of it meet right at the zipper.  I attached the hood first, then enclosed the top of my zipper in the hood hem.  Actually, I attached the navy hood, enclosed the zipper in the hem, and then attached the hood lining by ‘stitching in the ditch’ all around the neckline.

My upcycled BYU hoodie is also 2-3 inches shorter than the TAMI Revolution Hoodie.  I just did not have enough length in my original hoodie to make my upcycled one any longer.

The shorter length, dusty navy color, and raglan sleeves all help to give my upcycled BYU Hoodie a vintage vibe.  It makes me feel like I’m back in college!

You can buy the  TAMI Revolution Hoodie pattern at New Horizon Patterns (affiliate link).  It’s on sale through 2/13/17. (And, there is a Maternity Add-on too!)


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