At Christmas time I had the idea to make robes for the Piggs out of towels.  When they get out of the tub, they wrap up in the robe and it keeps Pigg#1 from running around naked with his towel flapping behind him.  
I bought two Target towels of each color and cut them up to make the robes, using the towel edges whenever possible.  The yellow one has been finished for months and the green one has been cut out for a long time, waiting to be sewn.
Ignore that the yellow one’s hood is sewn on inside out.  I had already sewn a flat felled seam to encase the towel edges before I noticed the mistake.  Not worth unpicking.
 I used a serger on the green one and it almost went more smoothly.  The threads kept breaking and I broke a needle going through some of the flat fell seams I was using to make sure the towel fabric didn’t make tons of strings in the wash.  But the serged finish is SOOOOO nice.  Wish I had a serger to keep forever.
 Pigg#1 doesn’t show it, but he really likes the robe.
 They are soft and have bright colors. 
And they keep the children modest.  Worth the effort.  I think.