Tiered Party Dress and Diaper Cover

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Clothing, Girls | 0 comments

My SIL had a baby in March and I just had to make a itty bitty dress for my new niece!  I wanted something fun and bright and decided to use this lightweight rainbow stripe fabric to make a tiered party dress.

Tiered Party DressI used this fabric to make a top to match some pants I tested (you can see it here) but I wasn’t wise when I cut the top out and ended up with long, 6-7 inch wide pieces left over.  Even though this is size 6 mo., that wasn’t enough width to cut the skirt in one piece, but perfect for a fun tiered skirt.

Using the Caroline Party Dress pattern, I cut out my bodice pieces first.  Then I took the strips and evened up the pieces.  I already had one piece longer than the other one from cutting out the bodice pieces.  I gathered the longer piece slightly and sewed it to the bottom of the shorter piece.  Then I gathered the shorter piece and sewed it to the bodice.  The dress still has lots of fun fullness and I’m loving the tiers.  It makes me think of Cinco de Mayo.

Tiered Party DressThe dress is completely lined in bright coral so I decided to make a matching coral diaper cover.  I used Made’s free Perfect Diaper Cover.  I’ve used it in the past for my own babies and thought it was fine.  However, this time it kinda bugged me.  I can’t remember specific annoyances though.  My niece doesn’t fit the dress yet so I can’t check if the fit is good either.

But I did have lots of fun sticking my label on the back of the diaper cover! I’m excited to see her wear this tiered party dress in a couple months!  It screams summer  and fun and happiness!