I’ve seen tutorials for these little tie onesies in many places and finally decided to make one to go with the knit receiving blanket and hat I made for a baby shower.  I didn’t particularly follow any tutorial because it is pretty simple, but I didn’t come up with the idea myself.  And then I thought it was so cute (and I’ve always wanted to make one for my own boy but never gotten around to it) that I cut out several more ‘ties’ so I can make a quick gift when I need it. 
And the fabric came from one of Mr. Jiggs’ old dress shirts that I had to cut up.  I’m sure it will show up again in other projects because I love the blue and green combo.  They were my wedding colors.  And are colors in my kitchen.  But don’t worry…I’m starting to expand a bit.  My living room is spinach green and brown.

I think it’s perfect for taking your newborn to church!  Comfy and a bit more dressy.