This weekend my family and I spend many hours listening to the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  So all last week I was preparing to keep the little Piggs (and myself) focused on conference. 
The Piggs had a surprise bag for many of the speakers which helped them stay excited and interested.  Sometimes the bag had an activity, sometimes a snack.  
I did this while listening to conference.
 Yes, I spent hours cutting out flannel board figures and game pieces to help teach the little Piggs about what we believe.
And before the hours of cutting, I stayed up late at night printing all the figures on cardstock and labeling envelopes to organize all these stories.  And I’ll spend many more hours laminating, cutting out the laminated figures, and assembling the stories again.
Now maybe I can get some posts together about the few other things I’ve finished lately.