I’ve had this daisy wreath for years and it has hung on my doors almost year-round all of those 4 years.  The wreath was starting to shed flowers, which were brittle and faded.  It was time for a new look on the door.
 So I stripped all the flowers and wrapping to get to the plastic ring.
I saw this wreath on a blog a couple weeks ago and I thought I had pinned it on pinterest.  But it wasn’t there.  And I can’t seem to find the one I saw.  I saw other twig wreaths, but not the exact one I’m copying.
 The one I copied (and all of the others I saw) started with a cardboard ring.  But I wanted mine to go outside and my door gets lots of weather…rain and such.
 Cardboard wasn’t going to cut it. 
 So I glued the twigs to the plastic ring and put the fabric rosettes on top.
 And the white rosettes are only there because I ran out of yellow fabric.
I like it.  And I love that it didn’t cost me anything.

*Update*  Woohoo!  I finally found the original wreath I saw that I’m totally copying.  You can find it here.  Thanks for your brilliance…my door is now much happier.  And the Piggs think it’s fun that they could help ME find sticks!