Styling Skye Joggers as Althleisure

by | May 30, 2018 | Clothing, Women | 0 comments

Well, in case you missed it on Melly Sews, here is my take on althliesure using the Skye Joggers.  I’m loving them because they let me basically wear pajamas, but in a cool urban way.  And I can transition from working/hanging/lounging around the house to running errands in about 30 seconds.  Or as long as it takes to find my shoes and car keys.  Which may or may not be where they belong…

Because athleisure is all about running errands after a work out and still looking cute.  Or heading to the park in pajamas without anyone knowing.  Right?  In my most recent move I wore these Skye Joggers with a plain gray tee and my hair in a sloppy high pony braid.  Not only was I super comfortable during all the moving discomfort, my husband said I looked really cute even after sweating all day.  True Story. Pair a Blanc Tee out of super soft jersey with the Skye Joggers and you can’t get any more comfortable.

Hazelnut Handmade Blank Slate Skye Joggers

The Skye Joggers are slim but not skin tight.  Which means I am neither frumpy nor flaunting.  Its a nice happy medium between sweat pants and Yoga pants.  Right around where comfort, cute, and edgy meet.  Well, kinda edgy.  At least pushing edgy for me!  Plus these have pockets!  And the first time I wore them to the bus stop, we got out the door on time with all our backpacks, lunch boxes, and shoes without me yelling to make it happen.  Amazingly True Story.  That combined with how smoothly this last move went pretty much mean they are magic pants.

Hazelnut Handmade Blank Slate Skye Joggers

I chose to make my Skye Joggers cropped length because I rarely need long pants anymore.  #floridaproblems But I still used cozy black french terry.  The bands are a tight fit around my calves-which may mean I have some strong calves or that my fabric needs more stretch.  But I love how that makes them bunch around my knees a little bit.  And the Blanc Tee’s relaxed fit pairs perfectly.  I feel slouchy and cool in downtown graffiti kind of way.  Plus I can do my living room Zumba and at least feel like I have a touch of swagger.

Hazelnut Handmade Blank Slate Skye Joggers

If it’s a little chilly or I want to take it up one more notch, I’ll go for a white tee around the house then add a bomber jacket and cute sneakers when running out the door.

I really love these joggers and how they bring my style level up without sacrificing any comfort!