Soft, Fuzzy, Pink and Coral Ombre Quilt

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Quilts | 0 comments

So my Dear Friend Jenny has the most beautiful, loving, caring, heart and is raising her children to care as much as she does.  Not only to care, but to do something too.  Recently a friend of theirs was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and Jenny’s kids (on their own) decided to hold a handmade sale to raise money for their friend’s medical expenses.

Soft, Fuzzy, Pink, Coral, Baby Quilt

These rag quilts have been on my to-sew list for a very long time.  I’ve even had the squares cut out sitting in a box waiting for me to actually assemble the blankets.  Jenny’s call for donations for her kid’s Handmade Sale bumped this project to the top of my sewing list so I could send some over to be part of their sale.

I LOVE the colors in these quilts.  Coral is my favorite shade of pink and I love combining it with darker and lighter shades.  It screams girl and love and Valentine’s day instead of Pepto Bismol.  And WARMTH.

I love these rag blankets for how cozy they are.  The fraying flannel is soft and inviting.  These are so nice for wrapping around babies to snuggle, tucking in car seats, and carrying in diaper bags for adventures outside.  And the colors…they just call to me! I keep looking at them wishing I had enough fabric left to make a lap sized one for my living room.  I don’t have babies, but we all love cuddling with blankets and these ones are just my kind of Valentine decor.

Want one for your baby or a baby you know?  The good news is you can buy one at Jenny’s Handmade Sale if you are lucky enough to know her and live close by.  Beautiful Blanket for a Beautiful Cause.

If you can’t buy from the Handmade Sale, there is still good news!  I have a couple listed for sale online!   Head over to my Etsy Shop to see the full listings.  Oh, I need another baby girl so these can stay in my home…