Snuggly Rag Quilt and Harem Pants

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Boys, Clothing, Quilts | 1 comment

My brother’s wife had a boy right before we moved states.  Her fourth boy.  When her third was born, I was practical and asked what she needed. But with this fourth boy I threw practicality out the door.  She HAD to have everything she NEEDED but I wanted to give her something new whether or not she needed it.  So I made her a snuggly rag quilt and baby minecraft outfit.Snuggly Rag Quilt

Years ago while Nut#2 hung out in my belly, this same sister in law made me a rag quilt from cute pink, purple, and yellow quilting cotton prints.  I loved it.  The colors, the softness, the size.  Since that sweet quilt is the inspiration for my own rag quilts, I decided to gift her back a rag quilt.  Sewing this fun snuggly rag quilt was nostalgic for me.

Snuggly Rag QuiltThis snuggly rag quilt has flannel on one side and cotton on the other instead of cotton on both.  Sometimes I want a blanket, but not necessarily the warm snuggly feeling flannel gives.  I want a smooth feel.  So one side of the rag quilt is snuggly and the other is smooth.  Perfect for snuggling in any mood!

Minecraft Baby OutfitTo go along with the quilt, I made a little 18 month outfit.  I added the little Minecraft creeper to the front of a store-bought white onesie but made the pants myself.  I tested the pattern for these harem pants when Nut-Nut was 2 but never actually made the finally version.  In 18 months maybe I’ll get to see how the fit compares to the previous version…

Generally the Harem pants style isn’t my fav, but Nut-Nut’s pants looked so comfy-especially when she was feeling sick.  I kinda felt like they were her ‘lounge around the house’ pants.  My new nephew has to keep up with his older brothers and needs some comfortable pants to run around in-especially on days when he’s feeling yucky.  He lives far away so I’ve got to look out for him any way I can.  🙂

And I added a label to the back of the pants…because it’s fun!   🙂  I can’t wait to meet the little dude!
Minecraft Baby Outfit