Pigg#3 is coming in about 8 weeks.  That’s just two months from now and I still have many projects for him that I want to get done.  It’s my way of being excited and anticipating his arrival.  
I found this Ultra Cuddle fabric in the remnant bin at Joann’s and LOVED it’s softness.  I originally thought I’d make a stuffed lamb with it, but after actually sewing the material and realizing how slippery and stretchy the stuff is, I decided a blanket was the perfect project for the fabric.  And I wanted to line it was satin so it was luxurious and would pamper this little.  Because Every baby needs a bit of that.
 The blanket was more challenging to put together than I anticipated.  Slippery satin and slippery ultracuddle fabric are hard to put together smoothly.  I’d get the satin sew on on one edge and then be sewing it on the other side of the ultracuddle fabric to complete the binding and end up with extra satin because it kept sliding.  So frustrating because then the binding looked twisted and odd.
 But I finally succeeded to my satisfaction on my second try.  That’s the white blanket.  The brown edge one is the first try and looks good, but not as good as the white edge one.
 Part of the challenge was I wanted the corners double mitered (mitered on both sides) but have the binding be a couple inches away from the edge of the ultracuddle fabric.  So in my 2 inch binding, only about 1/2 inch of it has ultracuddle fabric.  My remnant piece was a bit smaller than I wanted so I was trying to make my blanket bigger.  I also didn’t want to hand stitch any of the binding.  So my sewing needed to be pretty exact.
I was never able to find a tutorial with pictures on how to do what I wanted, so I took pictures of my process and I’ll share it with you soon.  Along with any advice I have to working with this combo of fabrics.
I’m glad I pushed through the challenges and I look forward to wrapping a new little pigg in it.  Which will I want to stroke more, the blanket or his soft cheek?