Pigg#2 has a new shirt!  The stars must have aligned for this project.
I bought this fabric from wal-mart very cheaply.  5 yards for 5 dollars.  Not great quality fabric, but great to experiment with. 

 I already had buttons that just happen to match the fabric beautifully.  At least well.
 And my friend let me borrow her serger and figure out how to thread and sew with it.  It only had forest green thread which also ends up being okay for this project.
 I made up the pattern for this little shirt from scratch.  It only took two tries.  I’m glad I have plenty of this fabric.
 I even got to try my hand at making my own bias tape since I have plenty of fabric.  Unfortunately, the fabric instantly melts if you put the iron directly on it.  So I had to put a pillowcase over the fabric before I ironed it.  It made making the folds of the bias tape much harder to do.
But I’m super happy with my little ruffled shirt.