My family had pictures taken while at a family reunion this past summer and I really tried to coordinate the clothing for my family.  I happened to have some white and blue ruffle fabric in my stash.  Pigg#2 loves anything ruffly or girly but my personal style is a bit more simple.  So when I saw this dress on Amazon, I though I’d try to make a similar dress with the ruffle fabric.  I had to line the tunic I made with some really lightweight white knit because it was a bit sheer.  The front and back are the same, just a little lower neckline in the front.  She loves to wear it!
I told her to do a pretty pose like a princess and caught her in the movement.

And Pigg#4 joined in the pictures.  She has so many hand me down clothes that I don’t really sew for her. Sad.  Baby girls are Way. Too. Much. Fun!