I picked up a cute maternity shirt from Old Navy during their clearance sale back in January and based a new shirt off of it.  They are pretty much the same, but with small adjustments like longer sleeves and more room in the shoulders so the neckline isn’t so wide.  The little ruffle embellishment at the neckline is circles cut to the center, then opened up flat and sewn so it hangs in folds.  That may not make much sense, but leave a comment if you’d like more explanation.
It looks better on a person than lying on the ground. 
And even better when the sun isn’t shining in my eyes.
I’m not a very natural model and Mr. Jiggs and I felt a bit silly taking pictures at the park while the two little piggs were playing with a remote control car.  Well, Pigg#1 was driving the car and Pigg#2 was running away from it sobbing or standing still sobbing–petrified because she couldn’t figure out how to get away from it fast enough.  So focus on the shirt and not on my my modeling.
And yes.  Pigg#3 is on his way and should arrive the middle of June.