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I really kicked myself for not signing up to test the Riviera Raglan after I saw the tester pictures, read the overwhelmingly positive comments on fit, and tested a different raglan pattern (posts Here and review Here).  The Riviera Raglan has such a unique take on a raglan with a high cut angle for the sleeves, a tank option, and a handkerchief hem.  Its been on my wish list/sew list pretty much since it released.

Riviera RaglanWell, I finally got to sew up New Horizons Designs Riviera Raglan!  I decided to make a standard raglan (even though I’m dying to make a high cut version) so I could better compare it with my other raglan sewing experience. Maybe that will turn into a comparison post later…


Riviera RaglanMy Riviera Raglan fits great!  I sewed up a straight small because my bust and hips measurements are firmly a small.  Even though my waist measurements are just barely over the upper end of the range for small, the shirt isn’t so tight it shows my mommy handles.  The Riviera Raglan is a relaxed fit raglan so I was pretty confident it would fit okay through my waist.

My real worry was my shoulders, since I always seem to have trouble fitting my shoulders.  I don’t know how to make a wide shoulder adjustment for a raglan so I was really hoping this would fit well without needing adjustments. And it looks really good!  Smooth around the neckline, smooth by my underarms and bust, fitted at the bust and relaxed around the waist.  Okay, these pictures do have some small wrinkles, but that’s because I originally made the entire shirt in the stripe fabric.  The shirt fit great but all that stripe wasn’t working for me.  I cut off the sleeves and neckband, put in solid ones, and I like how it looks so much more!  But all my seams are extra thick because they have an extra layer of fabric and serging.

Riviera RaglanMy sleeves look like they stick out more than most of the tester photos.  I’m going to blame it on my wide shoulders.  Honestly, they are the widest part of my body…It doesn’t bug me much since the shirt is a casual run around with the kids kind of shirt anyways.


My original neck band (when the whole shirt was the stripe fabric) was quite wide and ended up loose at the folded edge even though it looked great where it attached to the shirt.  But it bugged me.  So when I cut off the stripe sleeves and put in the black, I cut the neck band width 1/2 inch smaller.  The second neckband just feels better to me.


But let’s talk about the fabric.  This stripe fabric is a Cotton Lycra from the Simply By Ti fabric shop.  It is 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra and 10 oz. with good stretch and recovery.  It feels a little thinner than I expected, but I think I’ll appreciate that this summer (why did I pick a dark color?).  And perhaps it feels thinner just because I’ve been working with swim knit lately.  (Teaser-I’ll share that projects soon!)

I was drawn to this stripe print because I’m a sucker for mint/aqua and I thought the dark and light stripes were the perfect opportunity to visually slim my waist without altering my chocolate consumption.  I think it works well for this shirt-especially with the dark sleeves.  Overall I feel like the shirt nudges me towards an hourglass shape.  The black sleeves minimize my width, the dark waist minimizes my waist, and the mint stripes help my bust and hips stand out a bit more.

When I ordered this fabric, I also ordered some lovely mint stripe rayon spandex.  The color is beautiful! And the weight is great.  Even though the mint is a very light color, I don’t worry at all about transparency.  Unfortunately, it got cut a bit crooked and ended up only having about 33 inches that went from selvedge to selvedge.  Each selvedge had a full 37 inches (bonus inch!) but only 30 went all the way to the other side.  Well, I contacted Ti mostly so she could correct it and others wouldn’t have the same thing happen with their cuts.  Ti immediately apologized and refunded the cost of that piece of fabric.  It was unexpected but very appreciated.  Thumbs up for good customer service!

Links to Pattern used:

Riviera Raglan

Riviera Raglan

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