Rise of the Guardian Tooth Fairy Costume

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*update*-Click here for my tutorial on making a pixie hood from a standard hood and here for how to make those fabric feathers!

Nut-Nut frequently surprises me.  She is girly, yet not.  Likes pink, yet insists on the orange plate.  Dresses up but won’t let you watch her dance.  So of course she picked a random character to dress up as for Halloween.  And bugged me until I finally made it.  So, Nut-Nut is getting a tooth fairy costume.  As in the tooth fairy from the Rise of the Guardians movie.  And I’m sharing it as my second contribution to the Monster Mash Blog Tour.Rise of the Guardians Tooth Fairy Costume

I have no idea why she is so set on this particular character!  She’s only seen the movie once or twice…Last spring I made her a gorgeous dress inspired by the live action Beauty and the Beast movie.  And she wears it almost every day!  But I could not convince her to wear it for Halloween.

I hoped she would forget about the tooth fairy costume because I honestly didn’t want to figure it out.  However, she remembered for months.  Even reminding me out of the blue that I need to make her tooth fairy costume.  So I finally ordered some cotton lycra from Raspberry Creek Fabrics to start creating.

Similar to last year’s Pokemon costumes, this tooth fairy costume will be used as pajamas after Halloween.  As such, no hot gluing allowed and comfort is key.  Soft knit (the dark teal is especially soft!) and a top and bottom for going to the bathroom easily.

Rise of the Guardians Tooth Fairy CostumeAlthough leggings probably would have looked a bit more like the tooth fairy from the Rise of the Guardians, I wanted a looser fit for the pajamas.  I again used Love Notions Moto Maxx pants (see my review of the Maxxine version here) and sewed a 4t.  They are a little long because I didn’t print off the pattern for the Moto Maxx to see where the cuff cutting line is.  I just shortened the pattern pieces I used last year for Oshawott.

Rise of the Guardians Tooth Fairy CostumeNow the top and hood are what I’m really proud of.  I used the Pollywoggles Autumn Dress as my base.  Because the Autumn dress is meant for fleece and I used cotton lycra, I sized down the hood (2t hood and 3t everywhere else).  And instead of sewing a flared out tunic, I drew fairly straight lines from the under arms to how long I wanted.  And then I added a band (because I didn’t have the right color of thread on my sewing machine as was lazy.)

I hacked the hood to be a pixie hood (keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial) and altered the band to have a point in the front. Those shapes mimic the tooth fairy’s head.  But then I created some feathers to sew on the hood to make it look more like a tooth fairy costume instead of a regular hoodie.  (Tutorial for the feathers is coming soon too!)

Nut-Nut is pretty happy with the tooth fairy costume.  Which is good because honestly, I lost my steam after the hood…and I really don’t want to make fairy wings.  Just plain not interested.  Dollar Store fairy wings with some long ‘feathers’ hot glued on are working just fine for me and thankfully are working for Nut-Nut too!

On a side note, I need to make more things for this girl!  She is too cute and so eager to have pictures taken of her.

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