I made a nursing cover when Pigg#2 was born, but it was bright pink plaid and I didn’t think that would be all that great for a boy baby.  No need to confuse people about the gender of my baby.  I used a blue carseat with Pigg#2 and always got comments about my cute boy even though she had bows and headbands on.  I guess I was sending too many mixed signals.
So I made a boy nursing cover for feeding out in public, at church, and when my kids are around.
 And I made it double sided.  The second side is girly so if the next baby is a girl, I can just use the other side and won’t have to make a new cover.
 So far it has been working wonderfully.  I took out the boning from Pigg#2’s nursing cover and stuck it in this one.  It actually has two pieces in there.