Reef Walker Pocket Hack

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Comfy shorts have been on my to-sew list for months.  Spring and summer sneak up on me so fast even as I can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive.  Plus, we live in a really warm place and pretty much wear shorts all the time these days.  After weeks of requests, I finally got these new shorts made and even make a pocket hack for some extra variety.  They were an immediate win with the kids, which makes me happy!

Reef Walkers by Hazelnut Handmade

I decided to make Reef Walker shorts since we live 20 minutes from the beach (yes I am cheesy like that :).  The shorts are loose and easy to wear, have two different lengths, work for both my girls and boys, are more interesting than standard knit shorts, and pair really well with french terry.

That last part is key because I happen to have a bunch of french terry in my stash.  I bought it when I thought we were settling down in the Mid-West.  My plan was to make hoodies and warm shirts and all things cozy.  I don’t have much need for all things cozy anymore (but couldn’t resist making my floral bomber jacket) so now my plan is to sew it up as shorts.  Because my kids really like these shorts.

Reef Walkers by Hazelnut Handmade

The key feature of these shorts is the front kangaroo pocket.  It’s a very European look so some may love it and some may think it’s odd (my husband is in camp ‘it looks odd’).  I have mixed feelings about the kangaroo pocket but decided to give it a chance.  My daughter thinks the kangaroo pocket is really fun and loves it.

Reef Walker Pocket Hack by Hazelnut Handmade

For my son, I decided to hack the pocket to be two separate pockets.  I played tetris with my pattern pieces to get the shorts out of the rest of my Navy french terry and I just could not figure out a way to get the pocket in one piece.  Necessity is the Mother of Invention, or at least pattern hacks, am I right?

Maybe you will find yourself in the same position some day.  Or maybe you or your kids just don’t dig the kangaroo pocket much.  Either way, here’s a tutorial for more traditional pockets.

Reef Walker Pocket Hack by Hazelnut Handmade

Cut out your pocket pieces and then cut the pockets parallel to the fold, from the edge of the inner leg all the way to the top of the pocket.

Reef Walker Pocket Hack by Hazelnut Handmade

Finish the slanted edge like in the instructions.  Then fold under and press all the other sides 3/8″ except the top edge.

Reef Walker Pocket Hack by Hazelnut Handmade

Pin the pockets onto your pants.  I decided to place them closer to the side seams than the original kangaroo pocket falls.

Top stitch the three sides that are folded under and baste the top edge.

Continue to assemble the shorts according to the instructions.

Pretty easy pocket hack right? Not a huge change, but it allows me to put pockets on the shorts even when I don’t have enough fabric for the Kangaroo pocket.

My kids really like these short because they are so comfortable and easy to wear.  I’ve got plans to make some for the other two, who weren’t quite as desperate for shorts as these two.


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