Red and Black Dolman Maxi Dress

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Clothing, Women | 3 comments

At Easter I made myself a comfortable hi-low dolman maxi dress out of some lightweight jersey.  I have LOVED wearing it all summer.  It’s cute, flattering, cool (as in not hot, although I hope it is also cool in the other sense too) and most of all, so comfortable to wear!  I never have to worry about flashing anyone anything or how my belly looks (ice cream, chocolate, and chips-it’s a love hate kinda thing).  The fabric is breezy and flows so I feel like floating on the wind.

Okay, enough about that beautiful dress that I love.  In anticipation of fall/winter and cold weather, I made a true Dolman Maxi dress from some super soft cotton/rayon/spandex.

Red Dolman MaxiMy winter version of a Dolman Maxi Dress is actually floor length, has 3/4 length sleeves, and pockets.  Yes, pockets. And  yea for having enough material to make it long all the way around!

Red Dolman MaxiNow, I generally only wear dresses to church and to dinner with my husbands colleagues.  But When I do wear dresses I hate having no where to put the few things I’m carrying.  My purse is in no way appropriate for these settings (freebie with “State Farm” plastered across the front).  So I appreciate having some pockets.  Plus-it gives me something to do with my hands to make me feel less nervous.  My husband likes to tease me that I have agoraphobia.  It’s not true, but I did grow up slightly rural and I appreciate space.

And did I mention how soft this fabric is?  It’s so comfortable!  I plan to wear this all winter long and feel like a Greek Goddess-a warm one of course.

The Dolman Maxi Dress is available for purchase in the HazelnutMade Etsy Shop.  Head on over to order one and I’ll start sewing it up for you!  I can even customize the sizing to be just what you need!Red Dolman Maxi