Life has been a bit crazy here lately.  I’ve been making things, but the extra steps of taking pictures, and then posting them has been a bit more than I could sanely handle.  But here’s a bit of good news in the Jiggs house.

1.  Mr. Jiggs graduated Med School!  Who Hoo!! Now we can officially call him Dr. Jiggs, or Dr. Daddy.
2.  I got my Honorary Nursing Degree for sticking with Dr. Jiggs through 4 years of Med School.  Okay that’s a joke, but my sister does like to call me Nurse when she calls for med advice.
3.  We moved to start residency and bought a house.  We’ve spent the last week moving in to our cute home.  I’m excited about it and can’t wait to try my hand at decorating.  It’s not really my strong suit but I’m excited to make this house my own and make it beautiful.
4.  This isn’t exactly good news, but certainly has made life a bit crazier.  4 days before packing all our Stuff into a moving truck, Pigg#2 knocked out her top 4 teeth while going potty in the middle of the night.  Scary, heart wrenching, and horrifying when I saw the damage to her teeth/gums/tongue.  But we made it through with lots of My Little Pony and then Tooth Fairy visited and brought her Fluttershy in exchange for her 4 teeth.
5.  On the opposite scale, Pigg#3 turned 1 and cut his first tooth days before his birthday.  Loose some teeth, gain some teeth…
6.  Pigg#1 turned 5!  And had his Kindergarten assessment.  We called it the mind test and I think he did well since he reported that “the teacher called him a ‘smartypants’ at the end”.
7.  We vacationed with the extended Jiggs family in Outer Banks, NC in honor of Dr. Jiggs becoming a M.D.  We caught stingrays while fishing, saw dolphins like 10 feet from the beach, went ocean kayaking (and ate it coming back in, which is why I still have an apple sized bruise on my thigh two weeks later), played on the beach, and watched Pigg#3 eat sand and didn’t try to stop him (third child and all).
8.  So You Think You Can Dance started up.  I love that show.  Not necessarily the audition episodes, but I LOVE the dancing.  I wish I had the talent they do.  But I’ll just settle for watching.  It’s one of the few things I watch and do not do something else at the same time.

Anyways, that’s about it.  We’re still unpacking boxes.  Mostly because I don’t have bookshelves to put all my boxes of books on.  But I have Dr. Jiggs (okay I’ll stop with the Dr. stuff after this post) working on that and hope he’ll finish it soon, as well as getting his temporary license, completing orientation for residency, and returning the little desk I planned to make my sewing table before he turned it into his woodworking desk.