Rayla Costume

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My oldest daughter was all over the place this year as far as what she wanted to dress up as.  Hermoine, then a ranger–pretty much whatever book she was currently reading. She finally settled on a character from the Netflix show Dragon Prince.  I haven’t watched the show–but the rest of my family has a my daughter liked Rayla enough to dress up as her.  She here’s my take on a Rayla costume.

Rayla Costume with Hazelnut Handmade

Rayla is some sort of woodsy elf who can run really fast with her arms behind her.  I stared at pictures of her for hours and determined Rayla has lots of pieces of clothing.  Thigh high boots, a belt, a unitard, a shirt with cut out sleeves, a hooded vest, wrist guards, and ties around the wrist.  I also decided to merge some of those pieces together so she could wear them as pajamas later.  I feel better when I see them wearing the costumes after Halloween and this is one way I know they will keep wearing them.

So the major parts of my Rayla costume are pants, a shirt with cut out bands (see my post here on how I made them), a hooded vest, wrist guards, and that wig with horns.  I used the Peony Leggings from Sew Like My Mom for the pants as my base.  Then I color blocked them, added stripes up the sides, knee patches, and calf patches to imitate the boots and unitard Rayla wears.

Rayla Costume with Hazelnut Handmade

For the shirt, I used the Legends Top from Sew Straight and Gather as my base and color blocked it to death.  This was my first time making this pattern.  Maybe not a great time to try it out, but the collar is similar to what Rayla wears so I went for it.  I worked really well especially with the color-blocking.  The front of the shirt has two layers, which meant I color blocked the outside layer a bunch, then left the inner layer alone.  So my daughter didn’t have to feel all the seams from my color blocking.  I never know when things like that will bother her.  I was so happy I wouldn’t have to worry about them at all.

Rayla Costume with Hazelnut Handmade

The vest for the Rayla costume is a Seville Cardigan with a trimmed down Summit Peak Hood on top.  The cardigan is cut down in the front with a regular band all around the outside and arm bands instead of sleeves.  It does the job, but wasn’t meant to be functional.

I took pictures of how I made the wrist bands, so let me know if you want me to write up how I made them.  My husband made the horns and then kindly asked me to sew them onto the wig.

After we got her all dressed up with the wig and face paint, my daughter was thrilled with her costume.  That makes up for all the effort it took to make it!

Rayla Costume with Hazelnut Handmade

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