Mommy and Me Rashgaurd and Swim Bottom

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While I was browsing through the pattern books at Joann this winter (probably the first time since I was a teenager) I came across a pattern for a rashguard and swim bottom.  And I impulsively bought it-in both my daughter and my size.  So I could at least imagine the weather was hot enough to need a swim suit. And then I actually made them.  Swimsuits (this is a first for me).  From a tissue paper pattern.  (I really dislike messing with the flimsy tissue paper)  And then, I made a swim bra to go under my rashgaurd so I could wear the rashgaurd as my swim suit.

Last week, our weather was in the 50’s, cold and rainy, and I think I may have even turned on my heat briefly.  This week, we hit 95!  It’s definately gotten hot enough to go swimming!

Raglan Rashgaurd

The Navy fabric and the space dye pink fabric are both from Joann.  The animal print pink on my daughter is from my MIL’s stash.  So I have no idea where it came from.

Fit and Adjustments

Little Girl

Raglan RashgaurdNut#2’s rashgaurd and bottoms fit tight. I should have graded out for the waist, but that doesn’t explain why the legs are tight.  I personally like it, but she’s not much of a fan.  I like how it completely covers her bum and it doesn’t slide around as she is swimming and playing.

Raglan RashgaurdNut#2’s rashgaurd kept floating up and exposing her belly during her swimming.  Rashgaurds and tankinis do that sort of thing.  My solution-snaps on the bottom edge of the rashgaurd and top edge of the swim bottoms.  It keeps the shirt down just enough to stop bugging her.  And we are both happy again.

Big Girl

My rashgaurd is a bit tight around the waist, but not uncomfortably.  I had to deepen the dart in the shoulder because I had a bunch of extra fabric around my neck.  Once I got the neckline tightened up, I cut the scoop a little deeper and re-calculated my neckband.  But now that I’m looking at pictures, the shoulders still look a bit funny-especially around the neckband.

Raglan RashgaurdThe bottoms are a different story.  I made the size for my measurements, but they were really big.  Like REALLY big and it had bagginess all over.  And the elastic around the leg did not help cinch it in much.  It definitely did not have the same kind of fit as Nut#2’s!  I took out some length at one of the crotch seams and then took in the side seams a lot.  I took it in 1/4 inch at a time until I felt like it looked okay.  Overall, I think I took in 3/4 to and inch on each side.  And it still does not have the same snug feeling as a store bought pair of swim bottoms have.

I also used clear elastic at the waistband instead of 3/4 inch elastic because I wanted the bottoms as high waisted as possible.  I’ve got a bit of a mom tummy and like a little support there.  Or at least no elastic cutting into it and accentuating it.


Raglan RashgaurdI love the princess seam color blocking in this pattern.  I’m all about using color blocking, pattern placement, and anything else to give myself and curvier look.  So the color blocking is what attracted me to the pattern.  I also like the cut of the bottoms.  The bottom has a lot of coverage so I’m not always readjusting my bottoms.


I really like the rashgaurd but I’m on the fence about the bottoms.  They fit my daughter snug, but I was swimming (Hah) in them.  It could be just that grown up girl bodies vary a lot more than little girl bodies.  I’ll use the pattern again because it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t awesome either.

Raglan RashgaurdLovesick Bralette

The Swim bra I made is the Lovesick Bralette from George and Ginger and it’s the best part of this whole sewing my own swimsuit thing.  And the pattern is free!  Join the Facebook group and get the pattern.  Seriously.  The Lovesick isn’t specifically for swim so you can use it for all sorts of projects.  It has different band sizes that then have different cup sizes.  I made an XXS band with cup size C and made sure to put elastic in the straps.  I also cut out the foam cups from the swim suit I’m replacing and sewed them into the bra.

I’m not taking picture of me in a bra-even if it is part of a swimsuit-so you’re just gonna have to take my word.  The bra feels amazing!  So comfortable and the best support I have EVER felt while swimming!  Now I feel like I can run around and play with my kids and stop re-adjusting things!  Everything is staying where I want it to and that makes me SO. Incredibly. Happy.

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  • Pattern: M7417
  • Designer: McCalls
  • Style: Raglan Rashgaurd and Swim Bottoms
  • Fabric: Swim Fabric/Athletic Knit
  • Size Range: 3/4-7/8; S-XL
  • Size made: 5/6 with 7/8 length; Size S Top with Size M bottom
  • Lengths: Brief and High Waist bottoms; Crop top and regular shirt
  • Sleeve lengths:Short and Long
  • Sleeves cut on Fold:No
  • Alterations/Hacks: Daughter’s-No Mine-Yes-Took in the bottoms at the side seams at least an inch, shortened the crotch and shortened the elastic around the legs.  I used clear elastic at the waist instead of 3/4″ elastic. I also deepened the dart in the shoulder of the sleeve to pinch out excess fabric by my neck.
  • Clear Instructions: -Standard Big 4 instructions-not tons of guidance on what type of elastic or tips for sewing with Swim fabric.
  • Seam Allowance: 5/8″
  • Layers: N/A
  • Trimless: N/A
  • Dislikes or desired changes? The bottoms for me were really big and baggy until I made those adjustments.  But I like the fit of the bottoms on my daughter.
  • Sew again?  Yes.  I will likely make another short sleeve rash guard for me, and a bigger one for my daughter that isn’t so tight and will probably make one for my youngest too.
  • Would you recommend it to others? On the fence. They are okay-but not crazy about them.