Here’s a project I finished around Thanksgiving…a new quilt for Pigg#2’s bed!  I used a the same tutorial from Must Love Quilts that I used for my nephew’s baby quilt because I loved it!  This time I made the heart taller.  Triangle Heart Quilt
Originally, I planned to make puff quilts for the kids beds.  I felt like they would be comfy and cozy and soft and great wonderful things!  I even made two of them completely and posted about the pink one.
Then my sister visited and used the pink puff quilt to sleep.  She said it took a long time to warm up and then by the end of the night it was HOT!  My daughter also had a hard time moving it-even just to make her bed.  And then…I tried to wash it and discovered it physically would not fit in the washing machine…
Bad News Bears.
I figured with three strikes agains the quilt, I should just admit that it didn’t live up to how I imagined it.
I used a clearance sheet from Wal-mart for the backing.  Actually, I have several of these sheets…the same color.  I’ve already made several projects with it and am not done yet…they were a good deal.  I quilted on both sides of each seam and it creates that triangle pattern on the back.  I like it.  I actually quilted half of the quilt in a hotel room.  I went with my husband on a business trip (without kids) and took my machine.  I sewed until I ran out of thread and then read and wandered the hotel.  Quite relaxing…


I think it looks really nice on her bed.  The scrappy, random look was challenging to me, but I like how it turned out.