I finally finished another page in the quiet book!  I posted about other pages here, here, and here.  I’ve been working on this page for almost a year.  I remember cutting out the letters while waiting in line to sign Pigg#1 up for preschool.  And blanket stitching at just about every meeting I went to up until Christmas.  Crazy it took me another four months to sew the letters on the page.
 So Mr. Jiggs is not excited that the page has so many pieces and I agree that lots of little pieces make for an explosion in Church sometimes.  He suggests a HUGE pocket to store all the pieces.  I haven’t gotten that far yet.
But I think Pigg#1 will have fun spelling words on the strip of velcro at the bottom.  Originally I thought it would help him learn his alphabet, but he’s done that and is moving on to sounding out words.  So now the page is word practice for Pigg#1 and can be letter practice for Pigg#2, as soon as she stops chewing and destroying everything.  She finally climbs and is driving me crazy with her ability to get into things.  Last week she painted the stairs with bright red lip gloss, got ink all over from ink cartridges waiting to be recycled, and climbed onto the toilet right after her bath and slid off into the garbage can because she was so slippery.  Wow that really makes me sound like I’m never watching her.  Well, hopefully this will help keep her appropriately occupied.