Six months ago when I was planning a trip from the east coast to the west coast with two children under 3 all by myself, I decided to make a quiet book to entertain on the airplane.  I looked for ideas all over the internet and got plenty of great ideas.  I finished six pages and have MANY more that I intend to make.  Here is the first page I finished.  I found my idea here on Homemade by Jill.  I thought it was adorable and made a few tweaks as I got inspired.
A nice Farmhouse
With a button holding the doors together.
And some cute little finger puppet animals inside.  I have three more, but the Piggs have scattered them or they’ve migrated to my purse to be used as entertainment in the grocery store and other places I’m desperate for sanity.


 And in the top little window I stuck a rooster, thinking the babies would like the surprise.


I’ve learned from this page and I’d do many things differently a second time.  (Like do a real blanket stitch on the edges now that I’ve actually learned instead of that attempt to create the effect)  I love making the finger puppets and wanted to make a ton, but the barn fits three comfortably and is already very crowded when all five are tucked in the little pocket.  Perhaps that’s why I made the next page…I’ll share that later.