Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings Update

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The past couple of weeks I’ve been helping update the Posey Tunic and the Peony Leggings from Sew Like My Mom.  I have never sewn the patterns before, but as part of the update the size range now goes to 16, the tunic now includes dress options and the leggings include a yoga waistband and a solid side option.

Posey Tunic Update by Hazelnut Handmade

One of the reasons I jumped into this update is because I haven’t been completely happy with the leggings I have made my daughter in the past.  The crotch has extra fabric and annoys both Nut#2 and I.  You can check out my review of those leggings here.


Peony Leggings Update by Hazelnut HandmadeThe Peony leggings fit my daughter just right.  I made size 7 in capri length so I can’t comment on how the Peonys fit around the ankle, but I’m super happy with the rest of these leggings and will definitely use them from now on.  No extra fabric in front, no saggy bum, and not so high in the rise that she’s constantly pushing them off her belly.  This works for us.

Peony Leggings Update by Hazelnut HandmadeI’m not in love with the fit of the Posey.  My version is not the final version, but I was told the only changes would be a small change to the sleeves.  My daughter needs more width through the shoulders and I had to stretch the sleeve cap quite a bit to fit the armscye.  The final version should have a longer sleeve cap, but not much.  I’m pretty sure the shoulder width is just how my daughter is built since this is becoming a re-occuring theme in the shirts/dresses I make for her (like this dress). All of the bands fit well and the hem turns out nice once it’s finished off.

Posey Tunic Update by Hazelnut Handmade


Another reason I joined the update is I really like the side panel on the leggings.  It’s a cute option for making leggings a little more interesting.  And the side panel can be ruffled too.  Of course, I still kept my version pretty basic by using a contrasting fabric that is almost the exact same color as the main fabric.  But it has sparkles!  And that sparkle adds just enough fun to make me happy without drawing complaints from my daughter.  Because she vetoed the ruffled side panels.  Kill-joy.

Peony Leggings Update by Hazelnut Handmade

The Posey Tunic has a bunch of different hemline options.  Navigating the options and how to mix and match them was a bit confusing for me at first.  So here’s a quick explanation.  The lowercase letters are for tunic lengths, the Uppercase letter are for dress lengths.  Letters a, b, and c are fronts and letters d, e, and f are backs.  Only two tunic fronts can be paired with dress backs for high low options (aE and cD).  My version is a basic straight hem tunic version (ad).

Posey Tunic Update by Hazelnut Handmade


So.  Here’s my summary.  I love the Peony leggings.  I am very happy with the fit and I love the fun options.  The Posey tunic is just okay to me because it doesn’t fit my daughter as well as I would like straight out of the pattern.  That doesn’t mean the pattern isn’t good.  I’m just lazy and would rather have a pattern that fits her without adjustments.  Plus Nut#2 is saying she doesn’t like tunics, which probably means this tunic is slightly longer than her other tunics.

Posey Tunic Update by Hazelnut Handmade


  • Pattern: Peony Leggings; Posey Tunic
  • Designer: Sew Like My Mom
  • Style:Yoga Band Leggings; A-line knit tunic or dress with several hem options
  • Fabric: Knit
  • Size Range: 12m-16, broken into two size ranges
  • Size made: 7
  • Lengths: Shorts, Capri, Long; Tunic and Dress
  • Sleeve lengths: Sleeveless, Short, Elbow, Long
  • Sleeves cut on Fold: Yes
  • Alterations/Hacks: No
  • Clear Instructions: Easy to follow with Pictures-Understanding the tunic options and how they can be mixed is a little tricky
  • Seam Allowance: 3/8″
  • Layers: yes
  • Trimless: No
  • Dislikes or desired changes? Leggings fit wonderfully-no changes.  On the tunic I’d like the shoulders to be wider since my daughter has wide shoulders.  I’d also like the sleeve cap to be longer-I had to stretch it to get it to fit the armscye.
  • Sew again?  Definitely the Peony Leggings.  If my daughter wants another tunic like this I’ll probably use the pattern again-but I’m not looking forward to adjusting the shoulders for her.
  • Would you recommend it to others? Absolutely the leggings, and yes to the tunic.