Two years ago my family had epic Halloween costumes.  Everyone had a costume, they were all themed (pokemon), and some of us even sprayed our hair different colors.
It was awesome.
And I didn’t take a single picture.  Even though we won a prize for best costumes at a party.  Lame.
Nut#1 still loves Pokemon and is wearing his Ash costume for the third year in a row.  (Sweet! His costume was already done.)  Pigg#3 has followed his brother’s lead and wore the same Pikachu costume two years in a row.  But this year he decided to branch out to a different pokemon and picked Oshawott.  (good thing-parts of his Pikachu costume were getting small.)
Never heard of Oshawott?  Me neither.  I had to google it.  Every day.  Because I kept forgetting what it looked like.  And then Nut-Nut named a bunch of different pokemon and I decided she would be Purrloin.  Because otherwise I’d be trying to create a flower looking pokemon and I just didn’t want to put THAT much effort into the costume.

Plus, I really wanted these costumes to become pajamas after Halloween.  And the hats can be used during the time of the year when all warmth and sunshine flee leaving me to hibernate like a groundhog until I can see my shadow and my fingers don’t freeze if I sit still longer than 5 minutes.  (hint-that’s WINTER and it lasts WAY too long in my neck of the woods)

So, here are Pokemon inspired Halloween costumes/pajamas.  They are happy, I am happy, and I think their ears will stay warm.  🙂
I’ll talk more about the specific patterns used for the pants and shirts in other posts.  Their tails have pipe cleaners sewn in to help give shape.  Nut#3’s also has batting sandwiched between the outsides and Nut-Nut’s has stuffing in it.  Hopefully the tails hold up in the wash-Nut#3’s ended up long, so it may fit him next year too…
Oh and in case you are curious, Nut#2 is using a dress-up dress she received when she turned 4 as her costume.  We call it a Cinderella dress.  She was never really into her Misty costume that epic year and only wore it for the party.  She selected a different dress-up for Halloween night.
Happy Halloween!