I finished a project!  and not a minute too soon.  We’re taking some pictures of our little Jigg family tomorrow and I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby that was perfect for making something for Pigg#2.  She was the only one who I couldn’t seem to find something for in the existing wardrobe that would coordinate for the pictures.  But I couldn’t decide what to do with the fabric. 
And then I saw this picture of a Carter’s shirt and knew I wanted to do a knock off of it.

And this is what I came up with:  I added the band at the bottom of the dress.  It slightly gathers in the bottom of the shirt.  Not a lot since I still want it to be comfy to wear and play in.
 A bow at the neckline instead of a flower
 And the backside.  It isn’t gathered at the neck like the front is.
 But it has a sweet covered button at the neck.
 And another partway down the opening.
And I made leggings to go with it.  But let’s face it…I don’t get a whole lot of projects made, photographed, and posted.  So I’m going to wait posting about the leggings.
Hope the pictures go well tomorrow!