Okay, this post is going to have way too many pictures in it…I can’t help it!  I’m so happy with how the dress turned out and I think Pigg#2 is the cutest little girl EVER!  I want to kiss her every time I look at these pictures and wish blessings of little girls to everyone I know!  🙂
 I got the lighter purple fabric from my Mother’s stash when I was there a year ago.  I loved it and knew I’d use it.  There wasn’t enough to do a full dress so I bought the purple (remnant) to go with it and the white satin I bought for a different project (in the works) and had extra to use here. 
The skirt part ended up an A-line instead of pleated like I originally imagined so I could get the most width out of my fabric.  I really used about 95% of the piece of fabric I had.  Not much is left for anything.
 Sweet sash at the waist to give it more shape.  Since there is not zipper or buttons down to the waist, the waist needed to be wide enough for her to comfortably pull her arms up to get them in the sleeves.
 The neckline was based off the Snappy Toddler Top over at Prudent Baby.  I enlarged it, took out the gathers, and added sleeves (because I like sleeves even though I love the style without sleeves).  No picture, but the very top edge of the sleeve is encased in purple fabric because the neck placket thing doesn’t completely connect to the sleeve.  The encased part is to finished it and keep the sleeve from fraying in the wash.
 Satin at the bottom.  The waist satin band might be a bit wide, but that’s okay.
 Told you there are a lot of pictures.  I seriously made three ‘trial’ dresses out of scrap fabric so I got the sizing and design right and didn’t mess up on my pretty fabric.  I’m happy.
The headband is from Target’s dollar spot (I love that place and get sucked in every time I go in).
 And finally, because I love this adorable face…a good smile from my little pigg.  It took the whole photo shoot to get this little smile from her.  At his point her nose is a bit pink and she kept telling me she was cold.  So we stopped.
Now I need to make a tie for Pigg#1.  He doesn’t want to be left out!