I made a dress for Pigg #2 in time for Christmas and even got a picture of her wearing it.  I really like how it turned out and she’s been wearing it every week since.

All the strips on the circle skirt are bias strips and they hold up pretty well in the wash.  Not fraying at least.  The strips that are completely cotton bunch up a lot and have to be ironed (boo) while the other ones continue to lay flat after a wash.

I’m glad it worked out since I was piecing together different tutorials and patterns to make the dress I wanted.  I ended up making a ‘v’ in the back so the zipper could be lower in the back because the only zipper I had on hand was one I ripped out of some of Mr. Jigg’s old pants.  The zipper was fine, but not very long at all.  Usually her hair covers up anything odd. 

The only other thing is that the neck line ended up a bit too wide.  Sometimes I feel like her little shoulder is going to slip out.  But overall I really like it and I’m thrilled she is actually wearing something I made for her!  Maybe next year I’ll get vests done for the other Piggs.