I made a quick tie for Pigg#1 using this pattern and tutorial.  Except I printed the pattern out with each of the pages different sizes (lame mistake) and forgot about it until I was sewing it together.  So I had to fudge to make it fit together and it ended up short.

 But you probably can’t tell, can you?
 I had Mr. Jiggs tie me a nice looking knot and then pull the short end so the neck loop disappeared.
Then I sewed an elastic neck loop on the tie.  And I put a slid on it to tighten, in case the elastic was too loose.  I didn’t end up needing it, but that’s what happens when you sew during nap times or your little pigg won’t try things on for fittings.
 I’m pleased with the tie and I love how it brings out the blue in his eyes.  Thank you Mr. Jiggs for passing on those adorable baby blues.