Personalized Scripture Cover

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When my son decided to get baptized, my husband and I bought him his own set of scriptures.  I made him a cover for his scriptures following a tutorial from Delia Creates.  So when my daughter turned 8 I decided to not only made her a special dress, but make a special personalized scriptures cover for her scriptures too. Scripture Case

One of the things I love about these covers is the handles.  My kids carry their scriptures to church but can easily open them up to read when they want.  Although my daughter is young and would probably love something really girly, I wanted to make her a cover that would still be appropriate for her as a teenager.  Which meant no novelty prints.

Scripture CaseI pulled this floral canvas out of my stash and knew she would like it.  Lately she’s been branching out from pink and says her favorite color is blue.  While this print isn’t predominantly blue, it has lots of colors, has a feminine flair, and isn’t a ‘kid floral’ or an ‘old lady floral’.  It’s somewhere in-between.

Scripture CaseOriginally I planned for the straps to have the floral on the outside with the purple outlining them. but as I laid out the straps the whole cover felt too busy.  Once I turned the straps around the scripture cover seemed more cohesive.

Scripture CaseThe cover’s inside has little pockets for the scriptures front and back pages.  My daughter uses them to stash little drawings that she makes.  Those little pockets were the perfect place to place labels.  One for Hazelnut Handmade and one with my daughter’s name.  That way when she forgets her scriptures somewhere, the scriptures will get back to her more easily.

I love both my daughter and my son’s cases and feel like they are just right for both kids.  However, my son said he kind of wishes he had his sister’s scriptures case!  The reason?  He likes the purple.  And I have to agree…I love the plum purple too.

I added a pocket and place for a pen on the outside of my son’s scripture cover.  I didn’t add those to my daughter’s cover because I wanted to make her a bag for her scriptures as well as this scriptures cover.  I’ll be sharing that bag very soon!