Pattern Test: Telluride Top and Hoodie

by | Oct 17, 2015 | Clothing, Women | 4 comments

I got to test the Telluride Top and Hoodie pattern by Terra’s Treasures.  The pattern is great!  It is for knits, is really comfortable, and has tons of options.  It is sized from XXS to 3X.  The pattern has borderless printing (so no trimming pages) and has a layers function so you can turn off all the sizes except the one(s) you want to print.  Way.  Cool.

Who knew my 8 year old could take such awesome pictures?

Sleeves:  long sleeve, short sleeve, puff sleeve, kind of a puff to elbow/fitted sleeve, thumb cuffs.
Neckline: Scoop, Henley, Hood, Faux Henley (hood without the actual hood)
Length: Regular, Tunic, Banded, Hi-low
And you can mix and match those options to meet your own style and preference.
I really wanted to try out the hood.  And it was lots of fun.  So first off, the pattern is not short in any way.  If you’re tall or have a long torso, it should be just right for you.  If you’re shorter or average like me, you may need to take up the length a bit or embrace the tunic.
My first try at the pattern I made a size XS.  My measurements for my bust fall into XS but my measurements for my waist and hips fall into S.  So, my XS version fit well in the shoulders and bust, but was a bit tighter than I wanted in the waist and hips.  Not bad, but I feel like it hugged my belly curve a bit too much.
So guess what.  Her fitting chart (or whatever it’s called) is pretty accurate to how the garment turns out.  Terra mentions in the pattern it is meant to be a fitted top.

I decided to try the S in my next version, knowing I wanted a looser fit for the fabric I was using.  It turned out just like I imagined it would.  And I’m so proud of how well my stripes match up!  The fabric was a very lightweight sweater knit (I think) and drapes really well.  I made a hood, fitted long sleeves, a hi-low hemline (I cut off about an inch in front and back), and added thumb cuffs.  Those might be my favorite part of the shirt!  They are so comfy and I love that then I don’t have to hold the end of my sleeve when I put on my jacket.  Mr. Jiggs’ hands get cold really easily and I’m sure he’s going to be green with envy at my warm thumb cuffs.
I felt like the fit in the shoulders was really good for me and the sleeves fit into the arm hole just right.    Really, I liked the fit.
I have fabric to make another one where I intend to blend the XS and S for a more fitted look, but I haven’t decided what combination of options to use.  I’ll have to wait for the fabric to speak to me..(Now I sound like someone on Project Runway…)
An one last comment.  Pigg #1 (who is 8) took these pictures for me!  I was so impressed/excited at how patient and good he was at following my instructions for the pictures.  They turned out great!  But he did tell me I should smile more and not stare down the camera.  I’ll work on that.