Pattern Test: Slim Fit Pants

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Originally posted Monday, November 14, 2016

Back in July when I thought my life had calmed down I signed up to test a pants pattern from Wardrobe By Me.  Christina knows what she is doing with the whole pattern drafting thing and I enjoy testing for her.

But man, pants are tough.  And then I cut out a size too small for my muslin (palm to forehead) making it even harder for me to fit the pants right.

I finished the pants and took pictures but never shared them here because I just didn’t feel completely satisfied with them.  Not because of the drafting.  I trust that is done right and Christina always uses excellent techniques (this in not a beginner pattern although well written so you can be successful if you know how to read patterns).  My problem came with my own ability to fit pants.  I wanted to be able to share and write a review of the pattern when I could feel like I could do it justice and show it is a great pattern-because I want it to be and I believe in Christina’s patterns.

I thought, “I’ll make another pair after the test is over and can make a few more changes for fit and then share the awesome pants I made.”

Cue chaos and I dropped the ball.

I still have not returned to the pattern and got the fit down.  I’ve been reading about fitting pants.  And making pants for my picky daughter trying to cloth her for school without half an hour of changing pants every morning.  (which I am getting close to achieving….)

But I just need to share what I’ve got because I’m forgetting what I did to get this far with the pattern.

I bring you-Slim Fit Pants-kinda a cross between skinnies and chinos.  Think Audrey Hepburn.  Although mine look less sleek and more wrinkly than hers.

I used a stretch denim from the Doodles line at Joanns.  It has 2% spandex instead of the recommended 3-5% spandex.  I cut a size 6 graded to 8 in the waist and calves-and then let out a bit more because I’ve got great calves. 🙂 Turns out I didn’t need that room in the waist-a 6 would have been great because the pants feel like they slide down.  I lowered the front rise by 1 inch, the sides by 5/8 inch, and the back by 1/2 inch.  I think I also lowered the knee a bit.

I’m going to try again one of these days and get them looking and feeling perfect-cause they are pretty good right now.  But what’s the point of sewing my own clothes if I can’t make them fit just the way I want?