After I finished testing the Overlap Bodysuit for Kylie Crettenden of Fresh Stitch Patterns, she invited me to test two more patterns she had in the works.  This is probably vain of me, but I was flattered to actually be ASKED to test a pattern instead of applying and hoping to be selected…so I said yes.  
Plus, Kylie is really nice to test for.  Her patterns come to testing already fitting very well and only needing slight changes for fit.  And the clothing turns out looking quite professional. 
That being said, I don’t LOVE the style of Harem Pants.  Not my thing-at least not for my girl (I think Kylie is working on a version for older kids who don’t wear diapers anymore.  I can see these being really comfy pajamas for Pigg#3).  However, these have grown on me and look like they are really comfortable.  Pigg#4 got sick over Thanksgiving while at my sister’s house and I put her in these so she’d be comfy.
One of the great things about these pants in there are only 3 pattern pieces!  They come together so stinking fast!  And Kylie has a link in her instructions for putting the elastic for the waistband directly on the pants with a serger instead of creating a casing, which makes these even faster to whip out.  The cuffs are folded up in my pictures, so you can see there is plenty of length for growing.

Now on to the shirt.  This really drew me to the testing.  Making my own shirt with a snap opening?  How cool is that?  Who needs Carter’s and Target when you’ve got a great pattern for a onesie and for this snap t-shirt?  
Now, I love Carter’s and Target and think a lot of their baby clothes are adorable.  But I’m also a bit of a ‘granola’ and a lot bit of a homebody.  I love the feeling of independence I get when I can make it myself-It’s like making bread.  Sure I can buy it at the store and get quality too, but if I make it at home I can have it whenever I want/need it and not be forced to make another trip because we ran out.  Okay, that was a bit of a tangent.  
Summary: I get really tickled at being able to make things myself and have them look GOOD.
Again, (like the bodysuit) the pieces come together really well.  The sleeve fits the shoulder perfectly and her instructions for making the snap on the sleeve is quite clear and straight forward.
She also has pieces for both short and long sleeves.  We’re in winter so I opted for long sleeves.  

Now this is bragging, but look at those snaps and how they line up with the stripes!  No one could tell I didn’t buy that shirt!  Except maybe my mother-in-law who gave me this awesome fabric out of her stash when she downsized to a smaller home.  🙂

Okay, so here’s where you can get the pattern for yourself.  So you can make comfy clothes yourself and only go to the store if you WANT to.  🙂
Follow the link to buy the two patterns bundled together.  Currently they are on sale starting Friday, December 4.