Pattern Test: New Horizons Designs Streamline Tee

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Boys, Clothing | 0 comments

I have eyed the Streamline Tee by New Horizons for quite some time, but haven’t actually bought it because the sizing was too small to fit my oldest son!  So when Terra announced testing to update the Streamline Tee and extend the sizes, I jumped to test the pattern.  And now my son has several long sleeve shirts to wear this winter!

Streamline TeeThe Streamline Tee is a unisex raglan for kids sized 6 mo. to 16.  That’s a huge size range and now fits my oldest son.  Plus, I can fit it too!  I already have two women’s raglan patterns.  You can see posts about the BSD Reagan Raglan and the New Horizons Riviera Raglan on my blog.  So why would I use the Streamline Tee for me?  Because I’m not very curvy and the boxy athletic look flatters me!

One of the versions during testing made a neckline my son thought was too low.  So I tried the shirt on a really liked it apart from a few adjustments for length.  For future versions for myself I need to adjust the neckline because the low neckline issue has been fixed, but I really get a kick out of being able to wear the shirt intended for my son!

I’m not writing up a full review about this pattern, but I will make a few comments about it.  This version is a size 14 width with a size 12 length made out of cotton lycra.

Streamline TeeThe sleeves are asymmetrical (not cut on the fold) and are not completely straight either.  The seams connecting the sleeves to the bodice are nice and smooth.  My son has some wrinkling under his arms, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal for  raglans.

Streamline TeeThe long sleeves have options for regular hems or bands and I find both the sleeve length and shirt lengths to be just right.

The one change I will make for a future Streamline Tee is to measure the neckline and calculate my own neckband length. In testing the neckband length was slightly short for a lot of people and I didn’t notice the slight puckering in mine until I got my son outside to take nice pictures.  I’m not sure if Terra has lengthened it in the final version which is why I will just measure and calculate the length myself.  Plus-I hate having pattern pieces for the neckbands.  I’d much rather have a cutting chart.  But since the Streamline Tee doesn’t included a cutting chart, I’d rather measure my own neckline than trace out a pattern piece for the neckband.

Streamline TeeMy fabric is black and navy cotton lycra from Simply by Ti and works great!  Especially for building these great wardrobe staples for my son.  All in all, I like the pattern and am really happy with it.  And my oldest is happy too because he got to pick out the fabric himself!


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