Pattern Review: Women’s Janie Dress and Peplum

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Peplums.  I’ve seen some really flattering peplums and really wanted to try one out.  My idea is that the peplum gives me more curves buy making my waist look smaller and my hips look bigger.  I bought the Mouse House Creations Women’s Janie and picked out this fun window pane fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics to try out my theory.  I love the mustard color-I really dig autumn colors even though I don’t like autumn weather. Women's Janie Peplum by Hazelnut Handmade

Flat Pattern

The Women’s Janie Dress looks evenly graded, has notches on the asymmetrical sleeve cap to orient it to the front and back of the dress, notches to mark center front and back, and grainlines.

Women's Janie Peplum by Hazelnut HandmadeFit and Adjustments

I made a size small in the shoulders with a small bust adjustment down to an XXS and graded out to a medium at the waist. My bust fit great but the waist felt too relaxed.  I eventually made some fitting adjustments.  A wide shoulder adjustment, forward shoulder adjustment, and sloping shoulder adjustment.  I experimented with the peplum placement in my muslin.  First I raised it 1/2 inch, then after some suggestions from a Facebook group, I raised it another inch.  Then I took in the sides at the waist so it was tighter fitting.

In my final version, I left the peplum placement alone but made a 3/4 peplum and took out 1/2 inch from each side.  I was much happier with how the peplum looks.  I also shortened the sleeves about 1.5 to 2 inches.

Women's Janie Peplum by Hazelnut HandmadeStyle

The Women’s Janie Dress is a knit skater dress with full circle or 3/4 circle skirt.  It also has pattern pieces for peplum length, a cowl neck, and a faux peter pan collar.  All of these options are one of the reasons I decided to try this pattern.

Women's Janie Peplum by Hazelnut HandmadeOpinion

Overall I’m happy with the pattern.  All of my adjustments are fitting adjustments and not pattern corrections.  I found the peplum style harder to fit than I expected and didn’t make me as curvy as I anticipated.  My mom tummy makes my waist bigger than I want and to hide it I need the peplum higher, but then I look pregnant.  Which isn’t cool.  I guess what I need to do is spend more time exercising and less time sewing… And I realized after wearing my Women’s Janie peplum once, that it doesn’t fit my day to day mom life.  I don’t like feeling like its floating around my midsection as I clean and play with kids.  I’ll be saving this as a date night or Church outfit paired with a skirt.

Women's Janie Peplum by Hazelnut Handmade


  • Pattern: Women’s Janie Dress
  • Designer: Mouse House Creations
  • Style:Skater Dress/Peplum
  • Fabric: Cotton Lycra
  • Size Range: XXS-3XL
  • Size made: S graded to M in waist, but then slimmed down to probably a small
  • Lengths: 2-Dress and Peplum
  • Sleeve lengths: 4 – Long, 3/4, Half, Short
  • Sleeves cut on Fold: No
  • Alterations/Hacks: Yes – Slimmed the waist after attaching the skirt. I probably took in an inch total from the skirt hem up to the waist and then tapering to nothing at the bust
  • Clear Instructions: Easy to follow with pictures
  • Seam Allowance: 3/8″
  • Layers: yes
  • Trimless: no
  • Dislikes or desired changes? No
  • Sew again?  If I ever decide I want another peplum or skater dress I will
  • Would you recommend it to others? yes.