Pattern Review: Lillian Pintucked Dress and Tunic

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Clothing, Girls | 3 comments

I bought the Lillian Pintucked Dress and Tunic on Black Friday almost two years ago.  I’d heard great things about Mousehouse Creations patterns and was looking for some well drafted sleeves for kids in woven fabrics.  I bought fabric to sew the pattern up and even had the pattern printed out-for over a year.  I’m happy to have finally sewn up a tunic version!

Lillian Pintucked TopThis Lillian Pintucked Tunic is a size 6 width with size 8 length in unlined quilting cotton.  I’ve never done pin tucks before, and the pattern looked a bit crazy on the front where the pin tucks are.  However, I took great care to trace, cut, and mark my fabric and the pin tucks came out beautifully!  My fabric is a bit busy so the pin tucks are a subtle detail of the dress.  A more subdued pattern would highlight them much better.  Lesson for the future.

Lillian Pintucked TopFit

The width through my daughter’s shoulder is just about right.  It reaches to the edge of her shoulders, but doesn’t hang past.  The sleeves are asymmetrical and appear to be evenly graded through the sizes.  Her chest has plenty of ease and isn’t straining.  The elastic at the sleeves is skimming her arm, but not tight.  I like the height of the neckline and feel like it lays pretty flat.  Overall, I’m pleased with the fit.


Originally I extended the length to an 8, but when she tried it on we decided it ended up too long.  I forgot this is a Tunic and expected it to be shirt length.  We took off a couple inches.

Lillian Pintucked TopStyle

The pin tucks in the Lillian Pintucked Dress and Tunic are just the kind of subtle detail I like to sew and were surprisingly easy.  Perhaps they were easy because I used quilting cotton.  This quilting cotton is fairly stiff and stands away from my daughter’s body a lot.  It resists the gathering in the sleeves looks like it doesn’t want to bend.  I would love to try the pattern in a softer, more flowing fabric to see if I like it any better.

The keyhole in the back is my least favorite part of the dress.  I’m not a big fan of the keyhole in general and really don’t like the tie.  My daughter can’t tie it herself, which is a big turn off, but I also just don’t like the big hole of skin. Plus, the tie feels bulky.

Lillian Pintucked TopOpinion

Sweet Nut#2 wore this Lillian Pintucked Tunic for me at least once a week for several weeks.  She doesn’t like unfamiliar styles and takes a while to warm up to how different textures and sensations feel.  So I try to make sure she’s had ample time to adjust to anything new before I do something about her complaints.  She was so good to wear the shirt without tantrums, but after 4 weeks, she still did not like the shirt.  The keyhole was too breezy for her liking and the tie really bugged her.  We tried tying it looser so it didn’t lay across her skin so much, but it still annoyed her and looked rather silly.  So we set it aside for Nut-Nut to grow into.

I like the style of the dress and the pattern makes a cute classic top.  However, I will need to change the closure in the back if I make this again.  Anything beyond a slit opening with a button closure will require thinking and figuring.  Plus, I prefer to determine how long I need to make something off my daughter’s height and the pattern does not include the height each size is drafted for.  Which is maybe why I over estimated on the length and needed to cut off several inches.  Until I find some really soft fabric I’ll probably just set this pattern aside.



  • Pattern: Lillian Pintucked Dress and Tunic
  • Designer: Mousehouse Creations
  • Style: A-line
  • Fabric: Stable woven-I used quilting cotton
  • Size Range: 3M-12
  • Size made:  6 graded to 8 length-then a couple inched cut off the bottom hem
  • Lengths: 2 – dress and tunic
  • Sleeve lengths: 2 – long and short
  • Sleeves cut on Fold: No
  • Alterations/Hacks: just cut off some of the extra length I added.
  • Clear Instructions: Easy to follow with pictures-I prefer illustrations
  • Seam Allowance: 3/8″
  • Layers: yes
  • Trimless: Yes
  • Dislikes or desired changes? I would prefer a different closure in the back
  • Sew again?  Maybe.  But it isn’t at the top of my list.
  • Would you recommend it to others? On the fence.