Pattern Review: Free Pajama Party Pants

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My oldest son needed new warm pajamas so I decided to make some and gift them for Christmas.  As I mentioned in my review of 11th Hour Gear, my go-to paper pattern wasn’t the right size for him.  4 sizes too small.  I really liked that pattern because it had separate front and back pieces instead of one that wrapped around from back to front.  I loved the slimmer fit.  I’ve heard wonderful things about Peek-a-boo Patterns so I decided to download the free Pajama Party Pants and sew them up for my son.    Yellow Baggy Pants


Turns out, his waist measurement make him a size 12 even though he’s 9 1/2.  The pants fit his waist and stay on well. The fit reminds me of a 1 piece pajama pant-baggy with a low crotch and little shape.  I personally don’t like how that bagginess feels, but my son isn’t complaining.

The pattern includes an inseam measurement, but not a height measurement to determine how long the pants need to be.  I just cut the full size 12 length and figured I’d take a bigger hem if they were way too long on him.  I could have grabbed a pair of his pants and measured the inseam, but I didn’t. The Party Pajama Pants ended up a little long, but not excessively. I do like to make pajamas on the long side anyways.


Honestly, I didn’t look at the instructions at all while sewing.  I’ve sewn pants like the Pajama Party Pants since Nut#1 was 1.  I’ve done pockets like this too.  I didn’t really need the instructions.  Which is why I missed the direction for where to place the pockets.  I learned to sew from Big 4 paper patterns and I’m use to markings on the pattern for where to place pockets, make pleats and darts, and tons of other information I’ve yet to fully use.  When I didn’t find markings, I figured the pattern just didn’tYellow Baggy Pajama Pants address pocket placement.  The Pajama Party Pants are FREE after all…So I just put the pockets around the crotch area, neglecting to think about how pajamas are usually looser than regular pants.

Assembling the Pajama Party Pants was different than any other PDF pattern I have used before.  Instead of taping whole sheets of paper together and then cutting out the pattern, I had to cut out the pattern on individual pages and then piece it together.  Not a huge deal since it was just two pattern pieces, but odd.


Because there are two pattern pieces (a front and back) I anticipated relaxed, slim fit pajama pants. What I got are baggy style pjs with a low crotch.  And his pockets ended up halfway to his knees instead of on his hips because I didn’t read the instructions. Only when I looked at the pattern again to write up this review did I see the instructions for where to place the pockets. Silly, but my own fault I guess.


Nut#1 thinks his Pajama Party Pants are comfortable and loves the pockets, even though he has to lean over to stick his hands inside…

Initially I was perturbed about the pockets and the lack of placement marks.  I still wish the pattern had those marks, but realize I could have overcome that obstacle had I read the instructions.  However, the pattern pieces came together fine.  For a free pattern it’s okay and even good if you are looking for baggy fit pajamas.  Regardless, it won’t be my new go-to pajama pattern.  Especially now that I’ve found a different pattern that has the fit I wanted and has a higher size range.  You can read my review of the 11th Hour Gear to hear details about that pattern.



  • Pattern: Pajama Party Pants
  • Designer: Peek-a-boo Patterns
  • Style: Elastic Waist Baggy Pajama Pants
  • Fabric: Flannel
  • Size Range: 3M-12
  • Size made: 12
  • Lengths: 1-Long
  • Sleeve lengths:N/A
  • Sleeves cut on Fold:N/A
  • Alterations/Hacks: None
  • Clear Instructions: Didn’t actually read them since I know how to sew up this style of pants-but there are pictures for each step.
  • Seam Allowance: 3/8″
  • Layers: yes
  • Trimless: No-You actually have to cut out each section of the pants and tape them together-not whole sheets of paper
  • Dislikes or desired changes? They are baggier than I would like.  I was expecting a slimmer fit because they have separate front and back pieces.
  • Sew again?  Probably Not
  • Would you recommend it to others? If they need a free pattern and want a baggy fit, yes. If they are willing to spend money and/or want a slim fit, no.