Paper Pieced Fox Quilt

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Quilts | 3 comments

All of my kids have been obsessed with foxes for years.  But especially Nut#1.  Nut-Nut even calls him ‘Poppy Fox’.  It’s pretty cute.  So when I saw the free pattern from Shwin and Shwin for a giant paper pieced fox quilt, I knew I wanted to make it for my oldest.

Paper Pieced Fox Quilt by Hazelnut Handmade

I started this quilt almost 18 months ago for Christmas 2017.  I printed the pattern, traced my pieces onto Freezer paper and purchased my orange fabric and then I got distracted.  And I couldn’t finish the quilt in time.

Then I picked it up again to make for his birthday.  I got some of the orange pieces cut out.  And then I got distracted.  Then moved. And didn’t finish it in time.

So then this Christmas I decided to for sure for sure finish the quilt for my son.  And I did!  But probably only because of a little nudge from Nut#3.

This year I had the kids exchange names to be secret Santas and my younger son got the older son’s name.  He suggested we make a blanket for his brother!  I promise-I din’t plant the idea of a blanket in Nut#3’s head.  He though of it all on his own!  I recently finished piecing the fox part of this quilt and decided having Nut#3 help was the perfect way to finish the quilt and use Nut#3’s idea for his brother.  Two Birds with One Stone.

Paper Pieced Fox Quilt by Hazelnut Handmade

Originally I was going to increase the quilt size with entirely white borders all around the fox.  But when Nut#3 wanted to help, he and I brainstormed putting a little sun in the corner.  I figured making a block for the quilt would give him a sense of accomplishment.  So I came up with a simple sun ray block out of my own head.  My very first original paper piecing project!  Aren’t you impressed? 🙂 I intentionally made it simple because it was my first one to figure out and because Nut#3 helped me sew.  I didn’t want to get too complicated with a little helper or I’d want to pull my hair out.

As it was, he almost drove me crazy pushing all the buttons on my machine while I ironed and prepped the next piece.  But we made it though and Nut#3 was really excited to give this blanket to Nut#1.

Paper Pieced Fox Quilt by Hazelnut Handmade

We backed it with plain gray soft and comfy fabric and left out the batting.  On purpose.  We now live in 70 degree winters and I decided that soft and comfy backing would be warm enough without batting for this climate.  However, I still quilted the front to the back with some straight line quilting.  It’s perfect.  Simple, masculine, and a nice subtle detail on the back.  I finished it off with binding in a fun print since almost every other fabric in the blanket is a solid.

Don’t look at all the mistakes in the paper pieced fox or the two slightly different shades of white.  Both are learning experiences.  Nut #1 hasn’t noticed either.  But you can bet in the future, I’ll pay more attention to the exact shade of white I buy!  I laughed so hard when I held this paper pieced fox quilt up and saw the different shades of white…laughter is better than tears, right?

Overall, I’m happy with how the paper pieced fox quilt turned out.  It’s cute despite its flaws and Nut#1 really likes it.Paper Pieced Fox Quilt by Hazelnut Handmade