Nordic Crossing Quilt

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Quilts | 2 comments

Today I’m excited to share a first for me…my first quilt pattern test!  Yes, I got to test the beautiful Nordic Crossing Quilt pattern from Coral and Co.  And it was so fun!  I’ve only done one or two quilts from actual patterns (instead of making up as I go) so this was a great learning experience.

Nordic Crossing Quilt with Hazelnut Handmade

I learned during this test were how to make flying geese.  They are not all that hard, but I didn’t know the term or the quick(er) method for making lots.  They are pretty satisfying to make…

I also learned how to make a square within a square block!  Which apparently I love so much that I flipped all the flying geese backwards so the block is actually a square within a square within a square.  But at least I was consistent and flipped ALL the flying geese.

Nordic Crossing Quilt with Hazelnut Handmade

The last block is a small plus block.  Now the cover photo for the Nordic Crossing Quilt shows the plus block in an awesome mustard print, but I was already using similar colors so I felt like I needed to use my own creativity a little more.

And then inspiration struck.

The star fabric of this quilt is this Riley Blake constellation fabric.  So I decided to switch some of the fabric colors around and make the plus blocks white with the constellation fabric surrounding the pluses. I think of them as little stars.  Which then coordinates with the stars the flying geese create around the plus blocks.

Nordic Crossing Quilt with Hazelnut Handmade

Okay, that sounds confusing.  How about this.  I am SO HAPPY with how this quilt turned out!  I love the grayscale color scheme agains the pops of white.  The whole thing is a pleasant nod to the night sky.  Exactly what I want.  Plus, my points and corners are the best I’ve ever done!

You see, this quilt is a baby gift heading to a sweet friend.  She just had a baby boy after waiting and hoping and waiting some more.  She has a space theme for her nursery with planets and such.  And this quilt is my interpretation of that theme.  Because that constellation fabric is cute but not overly juvenile.  A little bit sophisticated but still cute and fun.  And…wait for it…it GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! How cool is that?

Even though this is a baby gift, I made the large throw size.  It pretty much perfectly fit the piece of minky fabric I picked out for the backing.  The backing will be soft and cuddly and I’m hoping it will be a favorite for years because of the size.  We all get tons of small baby blankets, but once they grow into toddlers those blankets just don’t cut it anymore.  But bigger blankets are heavier-so I left out the batting.  There’s just the minky backing and the pieced front.  Not only will this cut down on the weight, but also the warmth.  My friend lives in a warm place and won’t get much snow.

Nordic Crossing Quilt with Hazelnut Handmade

I had a hard time picking out a design for the quilting.  I usually do lots of straight line quilting, like in this fox quilt.  But I wanted movement in the quilting.  I wanted to practice free motion quilting without using a curvy design.  So I settled on this zig-zag triangle pattern.  It turned out great and did exactly what I want.  The over vibe of the quilt is still modern and streamline and the quilting is even another nod to a night sky with stars.  At least in my interpretation.

Can’t wait to get this boxed up and mailed!  I think my friend is going to love it!!

Nordic Crossing Quilt with Hazelnut Handmade