Mr. Jiggs wears lots of khaki pants and dress pants since he dresses business casual almost every day.  And his pants start feeling the wear quickly.  His most recent pair of nice black pants wore through the top of the waist band and all the belt loops were becoming threadbare.  

 But the rest of the fabric was still in good condition.  So I ripped out the zipper to use in some future project and cut the pants down to make new church pants for Pigg#1.  He wore them for the first time and looked so spiffy.

 The pants are a bit long with room to grow and an elastic waistband so he can go potty easily.  But I added some belt loops so he can wear a belt and tuck in his shirt for that nice crisp look I love.
I know black shoes with a brown belt isn’t exactly right, but we only have a brown belt.  I also made the blue shirt almost a year ago from a dress shirt that got an ink stain on the back.  I guess the arms are getting a bit short now.  Maybe I’ll make another one soon.